So, you want to know more about Missy cups?
Our FAQs should set you on the right path.
However, feel free to give us a hola with any other questions via our contact page, as we are all for babes helping other babes!

When should I try my Missy cup for the first time?

We recommend trying your new Missy cup before your next period. This is to help build confidence with inserting and removing your Missy cup. Please note that you should only have your Missy cup in for a brief amount of time when not menstruating, i.e Insert, move around, remove.
A good place to practice inserting and removal techniques is in the shower.

What sized Missy cup should I use?

Vaginas come in all sizes! So unlike clothing sizes it can be very confusing.
Missy cups come in two sizes and our guideline will help determine which Missy cup size is best for you;
Our Small cups are designed for:
Teens, first time cup users, babes with a light flow or a low cervix and those under 30. 
Our Regular cups are designed for:
Queens who have given birth, those who have a heavier flow or a higher cervix and "Boss" babes over 30.
Please note these are generic guidelines, you may find that your Missy cup size could differ from the guideline above.
This is why we have included a split sizing option in our 2-PAC.
Feel free to contact us to discuss any sizing concerns.
How do I clean my Missy cup?

Your Missy cup should be emptied and cleaned at least every 12hours but ideally every 4-8hours. 
Once you have emptied the contents from your Missy cup, rinse under water (preferably cold to prevent discolouration of your Missy cup).
You can also use scent-free and water-based soaps to clean your Missy cup. 
At the end of your period you will need to boil your Missy cup in water (just like you have done at the start of your period). Allow your Missy cup to dry completely before returning it too your Missy pouch. 
What happens if I need to change my Missy cup in a Public rest room?
No worries! Simply empty the contents into the toilet and wipe/clean your Missy cup with a wipe, wet paper towel or even toilet paper. 

Can I use my Missy cup whilst swimming and playing sports?

Absolutely! You can continue playing sports, running, hiking and even swimming etc. You may even find your Missy cup more comfortable to use in these activities compared to conventional sanitary products. 

How long will my Missy cup last?

If cared for correctly, your Missy cup should last up to 5 years.

Will my Missy cup leak?

If you have the correct size and have inserted correctly Your Missy cup should not leak!

Will I be able to feel my Missy cup once inside me?

If you have the correct size and have inserted your Missy cup correctly, you should not be able to feel your Missy cup. 
"If in doubt, take it out. Then re-insert"
If you can feel your Missy cup at the vaginal opening, you may find that you need to trim the stem of your cup.

Can I have sex whilst wearing my Missy cup?

No, Missy cups are designed only to collect menstrual blood. This also means your Missy cup is NOT a form of contraception. 

Can I sleep whilst wearing my Missy cup?

Yes you can! 

Can I wear my Missy cup following birth?

We recommend not using your Missy cup to collect post delivery blood. We suggest that you also allow healing time (around 4 months or more) before continuing to use your Missy cup. 

We also recommend discussing this with your GP or LMC. 

Don't forget that you can contact us anytime if you have further questions.