About us

NZ RAW is a boutique brand of handcrafted products. 
We developed our NZ RAW skincare range for those who’s skin flares up with conventionally skincare products. Our skincare range is made from 100% natural and essential oils, Vegan friendly and Cruelty free ingredients. 
Our love for animals meant that cruelty free cosmetics are an essential part of our business, along with establishing quality products that don't contain ingredients that hurt ourselves or our planet. All products are lovingly and individually handmade, by us here in New Zealand.

Our wholesome company aims to make cruelty free cosmetics affordable, luxurious and available to everyone.

Real Authentic Wholesome
We have called our skincare range NZ RAW as we are using the raw ingredients found in most great moisturisers but we are not watering our products down or adding fillers and chemicals to change the colour of the product or to bind the oils with water, hence being a raw moisturiser. Because of this you will find our products are more concentrated so a little goes a long way.


Lipstick Lab:
Are your Lipstick vegan?
Our lipsticks contain no Carmine or beeswax (which are found in most natural Lipsticks). We only use plant based ingredients.
Who makes your Lipsticks?
We do!
All products are made by us (here in New Zealand). They are hand made in small batches, so a lot of care and effort is put into each individual product.
Are your Lipsticks cruelty free?
We would never hurt Bambi and his friends! we put great effort into sourcing ingredients from other cruelty free businesses.  
How can your Lipsticks be natural?
Because we only use the finest plant oils, butters and waxes to create our Lipsticks. No synthetic ingredients are used whatsoever. We create our colours using mica(Carmine free) instead of synthetic dyes and use only natural preservatives. Because we focus on creating quality products and only using quality ingredients, you will never find "cheap and nasty fillers" in our  natural products.
All products are lovingly and individually handmade so slight variances may occur as they are all unique – just like you are!

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes, we use only natural and quality ingredients. However it is always advised to patch test a new product or request for certain ingredients to be/not be added to any of our  products.
I don't have a skincare routine?
Skincare doesn't need to be complicated. We advise following a simple three step routine to achieve fantastic looking skin.

Step 1.) Cleanse
Cleanse your face with a Beauty Balm. They melt away all the dirt and grime that has been built up on your skin throughout the day.
For troubled young skin or Oily/ Acne prone skin we recommend Tea tree Beauty Balm.
For Mature or dry skin we recommend Rosehip Beauty Balm.

Step 2.) Tone
After removing dirt and grime from cleansing, now its time to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from your face with
Perfecting Spritz. You can use the spritz by either misting your face and leaving to dry or by dabbing softly with a cotton ball.

Step 3.) Moisturise
This is the most important step. Moisturising is the key to healthy glowing skin. You can use your Beauty Balm or Skin Quench  as a day moisturiser along with any of our serums Purity Serum for problem skin and Repair Serum for dry/mature skin. Your skin  works overtime while you sleep so nothing beats teaming up with After Dark Oil as your night Moisturiser. For dehydrated and dull skin- Skin Quench is your best friend when it comes to moisturising.
All products are lovingly and individually handmade so slight variances may occur as they are all unique – just like you are!

Shipping Policy:
How long will my order take to be dispatched?
Provided the goods are in stock, please allow up to 2 business days for the dispatch notification to be emailed to you.
How long will delivery take to arrive?
New Zealand orders: Allow 3-10 business days to receive your order.
International orders: Allow 3-28 business days to receive your order (it will depend on your selected country and Customs handling).
Customers will be responsible for any duty and import taxes their country imposes.
We will always try to have products delivered to you as soon as possible.