New to using menstrual cups? No worries girl, we got you! 

In this section we’ve popped together some easy instructions that will make using your Missy Cup easy as 1, 2, 3 - so you can feel confident, period!

First of all, remove your new Missy Cup from its protective bag, before popping it into boiling water. We recommend leaving it in there (still boiling) for 2-5 minutes. After the cup’s cooled down, give your hands a good wash and you’re ready to put it into use! The turtles are already thanking you.

Don't worry, putting it in is easier than you think.

Take your clean Missy cup and fold into a C/U shape (or use one of the other folding options below, you choose what feels right for you).

STEP 2.)

Breathe!!!  You've got this, it is seriously fine. In a few seconds you'll be wondering what you were worried about.

Pop your leg up on a bit of a right angle for easy access. Relax your Perineum muscles and insert. 
You don't need to push your Missy cup as far as you would a tampon. The stem doesn't need to be in more than 1cm to do its thang.  

STEP 3.)

Gently turn your Missy cup either clockwise (or counter clockwise for those rebellious babes). This is to ensure that your Missy cup has expanded and is securely in place!


Don't pull on the stem!  The stem is just there to guide you to the base of your Missy cup, not for pulling on.

All you have to do is simply squeeze the base of your Missy cup (this squeezing will break the seal) then gently rock your Missy cup "side to side" whilst pulling down. 

Once you have removed your Missy cup, tip content into the toilet, sink or shower and rinse under water before re-inserting. Easy as that!

Please note, if your Missy cup is inserted correctly and is the right size;

- You should not be able to feel it inside you.
- The stem should not be sticking out.
- You should have no leakage.

    See our FAQs for helpful tips and tricks.