Purity Serum

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Purity Serum is a natural lightweight serum, that has been designed to purify pores and help control excess sebum.

Purity Serum contains Bergamot oil which has potent antiseptic properties. This means it is amazing for fighting off acne causing germs.

Bergamot is great for oily skin as it is whats known as a "Dry"oil, meaning it is not heavy and won't sit on top of the skin. Bergamot oil sinks directly into the skin to heal and balance from under the skins surface. 

Purity Serum also contains Cypress which helps reduce inflammation, which makes this great for troubled young skin or even adult acne.

Purity Serum can be used alongside your moisturiser and even under foundation.



Contains: Prunus amygdalus, Prunus armeniaca, Argania spinosa, Cupressus sempervirens, Camellia sinensis, Citrus aurantium spp. Bergamia.