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You may choose a regular cup, but you’re far from just a regular Babe.

We’re high fiving you right now for making a move towards menstrual cups, you Queen.

Our regular sized cups are designed for those who have had children (we see you mama!), those with a heavier flow, or babes over 30.

Want to know why else you’ll love Missy cups (aside from the obvious that they’re blimmin amazing)? Read on...

Missy cups are made from 100% medical grade silicon and are non-toxic. Our cups are BPA Free and Latex Free. This is to make sure only safe, good stuff is going up there...we’re not about that nasty life!

Swimming and exercising is a breeze with Missy cups - they give leak free protection for up to 8 hours and even better are comfortable AF. That’s because of their flexible nature, they fit to you.

Did we mention you’ll save some moolah while saving the planet from disposable menstrual items? The ocean is for turtles, not tampons.


REGULAR SIZE: 46mm w x 72 mm high. Best for Queens who have given birth, those who have a heavier flow or a higher cervix and those over 30.